SEN GAMES 特殊教育體感遊戲

1 Minute Game Play is a Motion Sensor Game that builds Focus with Fun. Attention is like a muscle — the more you practice using it, the stronger it grows. Playing 1 Minute Game Play helps to build focus in SEN Children. Our Target Users including

1. Students aged 2 to 12 with Learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism Disorder who needs Visual Cue or visual stimulation supports on their learning

2. Students with mild to moderate mental retardation who needs training on Self-care, necessary life-skills


適合對象為智力正常但有學障的學生,以 2 至 12 歲為主,例如讀寫困難、專注力失調或其他學障學員,提供基本語言學習如中文、英文、數學運算、視覺運用及積極思想等訓練。


GAMES for Mathematics 實用數學


GAMES for Language Development

1 Minute Gameplay for English Vocabulary learning, training the memory of the students on english vocabuary

Please contact us to know more details.

System Specification

System Requirement:

Supported Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® 7 Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1

Mac® OS X® – 10.x operating systems. RAM: 4 GB or more recommended

LAN Connection: You will need a TCP/IP connection of suitable speed with Internet access Notes: Local-area network (LAN) firewalls, proxy servers and network administration software (including virus scanners, other traffic on the network, etc.) may impact performance.

Technical Requirement:

The System requires a Kinect and a Computer, we recommend also a bigger Screen over 17"



Cyberport CCMF
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Cyberport CCMF
PolyU Micro Fund 2015
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